Advanced Work Ability and Work Types Test in Organizations with Myers Briggs® Test

THABa+ MBTI® Working Test

Advanced Work Ability and Work Types Test in Organizations with Myers Briggs® Test

Incl: 44 + 49 Pgs in 6 in 2 Reports From 2 Tests plus 3 Consults and 4 AddOns

  • This Advanced Working Test is a combined work ability test or job ability test with work type test
  • Measures your working abilities and work personality type at a comprehensive level
  • Discover your driven abilities and 20 work personality type strengths in 50 pages reports plus lots of career information and customized career report

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Generates Report:

  • (M1146) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Interpretive Report for Organizations
  • (TE1022) THAB Right Work - Work Right Workbook
  • (TE1205) Customized Career Role Job Role Report for THAB Ability Test Results
  • (TE1322) MBTI Test Clarity and Verifying Workbook
  • (TECCI60) Comprehensive Career Test Consult
  • (TECSI45) Synthesis Consult Increment
  • (TEFCI15) Feedback Consult - SEE email with OTHER OPTIONS - Response REQUIRED!!!
  • (THABA) The Highlands Ability Battery Confidential Report for Adult

  • Receive Two TOP-of-the-LINE working tests
  • The THAB work ability test combined with the MBTI® work type test!
  • With the MBTI®® Working Test in Organizations you receive:
  • Description of your 6 key features of Work Type Style and Preferences of your Type at Work
  • Explanation of your Communication and Problem-Solving styles
  • How your Work Strengths contribute to the organization
  • How your Work Type deals with stress at work
  • Describes your Leadership and Learning styles at work
  • Offers Suggestions for Development
  • PLUS
  • The THAB Work Ability Test which uses cutting edge technology based on 50 years of research to objectively measure your abilities
  • Provides an extensive explanation of your results on each of the 19 work ability test modules
  • Describes 4 key factors of your personal Work Ability Style
  • Discover DRIVING Abilities that unconsciously demand expression - the single MOST CRITICAL piece of knowledge for career success, career advancement and career growth
  • Presents rank order of 35 specific transferable work skill areas resulting from combination of the 19 abilities)
  • Discover How you learn most efficiently in a work or training setting
  • Discover the critical components of your ideal working environment
  • Discover your problem-solving and decision making style based on your work abilities
  • Receive an explanation of your communication style based on your work abilities
  • Discover the Audience, Customer or Client type you work best with
  • ALL from an objective assessment of your HARD-WIRED ABILITIES!!
  • PLUS Two Career Workbooks to clarify each career test results
  • Receive 2 Career Test CompreConsults to apply your career test results to your unique situation
  • Receive your best career roles and occupational options for each based on your career talents and career capabilities in the Customized Career Role Report
  • Receive one SyntheConsult to review customized career role report from your unique ability pattern
  • Consultation is required and is always provided with results from restricted assessment tools.

  • Put your BEST self to work for you in your job and organization with . . .
  • Two TOP-of-the-LINE working tests
  • The THAB work ability test combined with the MBTI® work type test!
  • The THAB job ability test is Cutting Edge Technology based on 50 years of research
  • Is OBJECTIVE measurement of your work abilities (no guessing like in all other tests)
  • Produces 45+ page report on driving abilities, top skill areas, ideal work environment, and communication, decision-making and learning abilities
  • PLUS!
  • Combined with the Advanced MBTI Step II work type test!
  • Produces 10+ page report on your 20 factor work personality type!
  • This Working Test COMBO Package provides information that is . . . !
  • Extremely useful for Understanding and Improving your Work Performance
  • Advantageous for you to Grow your career and Advance in your job!
  • Crucial for effectively Managing your career and making career decisions
  • Two Test CompreConsults for each working Test, 1 SyntheConsult to pull test results together!
  • Two Career Workbooks for each working test, Customized Career Role Report and a Occupational and Educational Implications Career Workbook
  • LOWEST PRICE anywhere Online!!

Advanced Work Ability and Work Types Test in Organizations with Myers Briggs® Test









Coach Consult

Coach Consult


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Ideal Career Test, Top Test Combos

  • Thorough
  • Most Pertinent
  • Career Descriptions
  • Career Charts
  • Career Match Career Apps
  • From 2+ TOP Tests
  • Multiple Views
  • Include ReSource Add-ons and TestConsults

Internal Reviews on MBTI®:

My initial experience was to do a personality test to see where I want to be in my career path and what degree would best help me succeed in the business world. The test reinforced the idea of finance and that a degree in that field would be my best course of action. These career assessment tests help me to better understand myself and realize why I do some of the things that I do. It also showed that i was able to go back to school. It encouraged me, and kept me going class after class. -- Robert Flanders, Investment Specialist

I'm amazed at how accurate the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator was. Before I even started the job, Marjorie was able to tell me what I would think of it! -- Jack A., College Graduate, Golf Course Assistant Manager

The MBTI® is an in-depth personality test. I have taken a free version of this test online, but this one is far more thorough. It lays out the positive and negative sides of your method of thinking in a very objective, easy-to-understand way. Personally, it helped me discover why my logical mind always had trouble understanding the drama my classmates created, and how introversion has its downsides but isn't inherently bad (and has some definite strengths!). This test is very good for self-understanding. -- Paige P., High School Graduate

The test that whispered me the words: 'You are not retarded, just different'. I always felt the majority did not understand me and observed me as 'different'. And they were right. I spoke in the language of a minority and of course they did not get it. Now I know I need to master the lingo of extroverts & sensors to be satisfied and successful.-- Gojmir J., entrepreneur, educator, and business man from Solvenia

Liked that it was explained as my personality and personal style - great test. -- Robin Vd., Office manager

External Reviews on MBTI®:

I'm always amazes that for 15 years every time I take the Myers-Briggs test, I'm an INFJ. I feel like I've changed but I guess not. -- posted by twibelle111 ‏@twibelle111

Btw Guise, if you want to learn more about your personality and self.. Do a Myers Briggs® personality test. Thank me later.... -- posted by Big A ‏@ArumTheChamp

This Myers Briggs® test was scary on how accurate it was on me -- posted by Daniel Castelli ‏@daniel_castelli

I did the full-day Myers Briggs® too, but the 72 question online quiz is just as accurate. MBTI® is so telling & interesting! -- posted by Amy Ng ‏@amyleighng @RichardSPearson

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is a fascinating & powerful tool. If you disagree it's because you did not have a certified administer. -- posted by Derek Ma ‏@derekma

Took the Myers-Briggs test on my lunch.. It explained a lot. -- posted by Amber Johnson ‏@AJMarie0527

We just did the Myers-Briggs again. Almost the whole class is opposites with their significant others. Opposites attract. -- posted by Lafayette Melton ‏@LAFgoesON

Looking back at my Myers-Briggs personality results. Im shocked at how accurate this is. -- posted by Trez Byrd ‏@tbyrd423

Ever wondered about the correlation between Myers Briggs® and Enneagram types? Here's some info -- posted by Heidi Reimer-Epp ‏@heidi_r

This class is making me want Myers-Briggs data on EVERYTHING. What types are more likely to enjoy cat videos? Jazz? Rugby? Journaling? -- posted by Amanda Uhme ‏@auhme82

ew myers-briggs personality tests are dead on it's almost creepy -- posted by Liz LaRosa ‏@lizzzlemonnn

So close! I'm in this class and practicing my myers-briggs skillz. I can't figure out if I'm an ENFP or ENTP.@SpaceCadetYarn -- posted by Brigitte ‏@BrigitteLyons @meganauman

Learning the Myers-Briggs Types has really helped me understand why certain people, places & things get on my nerves. HIGHLY recommend this. -- posted by Janelle Okwodu ‏@okjanelle

The reason I took the THAB test in November and went through the process is to determine WHAT career would be best with my abilities, and I told you that entrepreneur was my choice and I was beginning to work toward that goal. My business name below is registered with the state, I ahve opened up a business bank account, and the accountant comes to set up my books next week. . . . Thank you for your help in being catalysts toward that goal, and thank you for continuing to hlep me learn to grow my business correctly. -- Carolee L., Writing, Editing, Graphic Design & Media Services

This test was my favorite. The THAB is comprised of many mini-tests that are fun, varied and engaging. It takes a couple hours to complete, but it reveals a lot of information about your gifts and natural tendencies. It was a useful tool for me because it succinctly defined the behaviors and thoughts I had always had but never completely understood. Paige P., High School Senior

Taking the THAB test was fun and frustrating at the same time. Several of the exercises came easy to me, but many of them were difficult. I knew I had done well on the 'Visual Speed and Accuracy' test just as I knew I had done poorly on the 'Design Memory' test. When I was finished with all of the tests, I was worried I had very few strong abilities! However, the tests (modules), difficult they may have been, showed me my strengths and weaknesses. --- Jack A., College Graduate

External Reviews: