Jungian Personality Indicator

Jungian Personality Indicator

Jungian Personality Indicator

Incl: 1 Pg in 1 Report From 1 Test plus 1 Consult and 0 AddOns

  • Based on Jungian Theory like the Myers Briggs® Type Indicator
  • Identifies your one of 16 personalities
  • Produces a 1 page chart only report with your Myers Briggs® Personality type code
  • Highly recommend to purchase a Myers Briggs® book on Introduction to Type

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Generates Report:

    • Discover natural preference orientations and operational functions
    • Obtain scores for 4 key personality code letters
    • Receive scores for the 2 Orientations (Energy source and Living Style)
    • Receive scores for the Perceiving/Noticing Function or Input mode
    • Receive scores for the Judging/Concluding Function or Output mode
    • Obtain simple descriptors of your personality code
    • Additional information will be available for purchase
    • Test Consults for Career Advice, Career Planning and Personal Applications.
    • MBTI® book for:
      • stress and conflict management
      • communication styles
      • leadership
      • best work performance
      • organizational contributions
      • and many more
    • Even on officail validated Myers Briggs® test and report complete with personal test consult


    • Quick and Easy Personality Quiz
    • Chart Scores Report from the Personality Type Test Quiz
    • Lowest Priced Personality Test Available Online!
    • Recommend reviewing MBTI® books combinations with Myers Briggs® Personality Quiz

    Jungian Personality Indicator


    Basic Career Test

    Easy Career Test- Short Career Test

    • Simplicity
    • Career Chart
    • Cursory info
    • Career Choices

    External Reviews on MBTI®: I'm always amazes that for 15 years every time I take the Myers-Briggs test, I'm an INFJ. I feel like I've changed but I guess not. -- posted by twibelle111 ‏@twibelle111 Btw Guise, if you want to learn more about your personality and self.. Do a Myers Briggs® personality test. Thank me later.... -- posted by Big A ‏@ArumTheChamp

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