Based on JOB or Work fit

Personal Insights Profile

Personality Test

Personal Insights Profile

  • Great for Individual Performance Development and Leadership Growth
  • Understanding How Much you are “ADAPTING” to meet Demands of Job
  • Best Role you Play on Team
  • One of the EASIEST Tests to Complete
  • Least Expensive DISC Available!!
  • PAPER ONLY – Mailed
Mailed, self-score, 22pgs,
1 test + profile booklet
  • Insights and information include:
    –  Success Insights Wheel
    –  Ideal Work Environment
    –  Adapted and Natural Behavior
    –  General Characteristics/Descriptors
    –  Key Strengths and Tendencies
    –  Improving Effectiveness
    –  Tendencies under Stress
    –  Communicating with Others
    –  Keys to Effective Communications
    –  Value to Teams and Organizations
  • Information DENSE Report Booklet
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Strong Interest Inventory® SII

Interest Test

This Career Test AVAILABLE for GROUPS Teams Classroom Meetings Workshops

SII ADULT GENERAL Expanded Career Profile and Summary

  • Ideal for Adults or Students
  • Gain specific career direction
  • Detailed explanations of each section
  • Results Interpreted for Better Understanding in Report
19 pgs in
2in1 reports from 1 test
PLUS FB consult*
  • SII General Adult Career Charts
  • PLUS
  • Interpretive Summary includes:
  • Detailed Explanations of
  • General Career Theme
  • Top Best Work or Task Areas
  • Top 10 Career Matches
  • PLUS
  • 5 Personal Work Styles categories
  • PLUS
  • FB consult (Professional Feedback Consult)
  • Consultation is required and is always provided with results from restricted assessment tools
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THAB Ability Logo

Ability Test

Intelligence Test

Coach or Consult

Highlands Ability battery: Best Aptitude Test for Career and Work Performance

  • Absolutely TOP-of-the-LINE assessment!
  • Cutting Edge Technology based on 50 years of research
  • OBJECTIVE measures!!(no guessing like in all other tests)
  • BEST for Understanding and Improving Work Performance
  • Provides MOST Crucial information for CAREER Decisions
  • NO MORE MISTAKES – Put your BEST self to work for you!
  • INCLUDES One FREE Test Consult!
  • LOWEST PRICE anywhere Online!!
  • N O T E ———————-
  • For Career Roles Report and Extra College and Career Information purchase the:::
    Best Career Aptitude Test with Career Report and Adult Ability Assessment!!
35 pgs in
5in1 report from 1 test
plus 2 CoC and 1 AddOns
  • Extensive Explanation of Each Ability
  • Learn about Your Personal Style at Work
  • Discover DRIVING Abilities that Unconsciously Demand Expression – The Single MOST CRITICAL piece of knowledge!!!
  • Rank Order of 35 Specific and TransferableWork Task Areas (combination of abilities)
  • Discover How you Learn Most efficiently in a work or training setting
  • Discover your Ideal Work Environment
  • Discover your Problem-Solving and Decision Making Style
  • Explanation of your Communication Style
  • Discover the Audience/Client type you Work best with
  • ALL from an OBJECTIVE Analysis of your HARD-WIRED ABILITIES!!
  • PLUS
  • THAB Right Work – Work Right Workbook
  • PLUS
  • Clarification and Additional Information of Test Results provided with COMPREHENSIVE CONSULT
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ADULT Highlands Ability Battery THAB Test - ABILITIES REPORT - WORK KEYS Report

ADULT Highlands Ability Battery THAB Test - WORK KEYS Report

ADULT Highlands Ability Battery THAB Test - CAREERS - CAREER EXPLORATION Report

ADULT Highlands Ability Battery THAB Test - COMPLETE CAREER PATTERNS Report

ADULT Highlands Ability Battery THAB Test - WORK TYPES - STRENGTHS Report