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DISC - Personal Insights Profile - Performance Development and Leadership Growth

Personality Test

Personal Insights Test

This is a DISC test designed to help individuals grow and develop their work performance and leadership skills. It’s important to know how much you have to adapt to  meet the demands of a job versus how much you can do from your natural behaviors. This helps you identify the best role you play on a team or in an organization. This is one of the EASIEST tests to complete, and is the least expensive DISC test available!

Mailed, self-score, 22pgs,
1 test + profile booklet
  • Success Insights Wheel
  • Your ideal work environment
  • Adapted and natural behavior
  • General characteristics/descriptors
  • Key strengths and tendencies
  • Improving effectiveness
  • Tendencies under stress
  • Communicating with others
  • Keys to effective communications
  • Your value to teams and organizations
  • Information dense report booklet
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SAMPLE -DISC Report - Personal Insights Profile

DISC Behavioral Test

DISC is a four quadrant behavioral styles test. The graphic you see here, with four squares of different colors, represents the four behavioral styles.

The four quadrants of behavioral styles test are
D for Dominance, Drive, Direct.
I for Influence or Inducement.
S for Steadiness, Stability or Submission.
C for Compliance, Conscientious, or Cautious.

Since its foundation, DISC has undergone many adaptations. Today there are 8 classic personality categories with
52 specific personality patterns within these. This helps you narrow down your understanding of your behaviors – information that helps you succeed in your job!

Disc Behavioral Test - learning instrument used for understanding behavioral types and personality styles.

Personality Career Test Testimonial - Behavioral Test - learning instrument used for understanding behavioral types and personality styles.

My initial experience was to do a personality test to see where I want to be in my career path and what degree would best help me succeed in the business world. The test reinforced the idea of finance and that a degree in that field would be my best course of action. These tests help me to better understand myself and realize why I do some of the things that I do. It also showed that I was able to go back to school. It encouraged me, and kept me going class after class.

Robert Flanders, Investment Specialist

More about the DISC

The DISC Profile is a nonjudgmental Behavioral Test, or Behavioral Assessment. It is a learning instrument used to understand behavioral types and personality styles. It is probably the second highest ranked career assessment test among corporate America today. Part of the reason for its extensive use by companies is that it among the simplest of all top-ranked test tools. It is has only 28 questions to complete, making it quick and easy. Corporations extensively use the DISC because it offers over 50 distinct assessments for specific job responsibility areas. This means you can narrow what test you take down to your specific work context.

It also uses a “least like” option which mitigates the second guessing error typical of tests such as MBTI® .  There is always the chance for error in career tests personality tests, but the “least like” helps reduce this risk.

Organizations primarily use DISC to build productive teams, develop effective management and leadership, and improve sales forces. Individuals use it to determine how they adapt to manage the current job situation, and what adaptations are still needed to master all its demands.

Disc Behavioral Test - learning instrument used for understanding behavioral types and personality styles.