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Combinations of the Best Career Test providing information from Multiple Perspectives

and includes an

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Most Advantageous Add-On Career Test Resources

for a Specific Purpose
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when you want to
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The interest test [SII], the personality test [MBTI® ] and the ability test [THAB] all indicated one area where I would flourish: writing. . . .[and] each test confirmed and clarified the same direction. . . MORE

Looking at all my tests in combination, [the COACH/CONSULT] further defined my strengths. “Your profile indicates you should consider writing that communicates a message for an organization, or teaches others about it,” she told me.[After my first semester in journalism at college, I noticed]. . . a local company looking for a writer for its online disability site, a major player in the national market.  I was hired at my first interview. . .
Last week, my boss offered me a full-time job.

Debbie M, FT Journalist

BEST Career Test COMBOS include

FREE Career Test Resource ADD-ONs: Each of Test Package includes the Best Career Test from Different Types so you obtain a comprehensive pictures for career, leadership or entrepreneurship.

Career COACHING/ Career Test CONSULT SESSIONS: Each Test
in the Combo recieves 1 CompreConsult
to (1) clarify all components
of each test, (2)provide answers to all possible questions
you might have, and (3) apply the data specifically to your situation.
Finally, the data will synthesized to
(4) highlight the best 1 – 5 possible approaches to remedy
your specific career, work, or leadership challeges.

FREE Career Test Resource ADD-ONs: Each of the main tests receive the most appropriate Add-On Career Test Resource Products which provide comparative data as well as additional data so that you more fully understand the test results and their application to your situation.