Find a Career Test Based on Your Purpose, Reason

Often our clients don’t know what type of test they want, only what they want to accomplish. ‘I want to get better at my job,’ ‘I want to move up in my company,’ or ‘I want to become a better boss and leader’ are all great places to start looking for the right career test for you. Your purpose in coming to our site can help you narrow down your career test choices.

Choose a career test or package for one of the following reasons or purposes:

  • Newness: career discovery, career choices, or career change. You’re looking for something new in (or outside of!) your career. Looking for a new job or changing jobs falls under this category.

  • Development or Performance: If you want to improve your job performance or advance in your career, these tests are for you.

  • Leadership: We have lots of leadership tests for leaders (managers, employers, team leaders, etc.) and for those wanting to lead. Find out what leadership skills you already have and improve the ones you lack.

  • Job Satisfaction, Values and Stress Reduction: If you don’t feel happy in your job, these tests are for you. Find out how to improve your job satisfaction, find out what about your job makes you happy, and also take a test to reduce the stress of your work environment.

  • Team and Organization tests: These are group tests you can take with your co-workers or assign to your employees. Your team or organization can become a well-oiled machine, with each individual part working to its maximum efficiency and satisfaction after taking one of these tests.

  • Recreation and Retirement: These are tests that help you identify the best hobby or recreation for you. This is especially applicable to those in retirement who are looking to pursue their strengths outside of the workplace.

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership: The essential tests for small business owners.

  • Learning Styles and College: We have many tests for college students and college-bound folks. College requires so much of your time, energy, stress, and money – make it work for you! These tests help you plan your time in college and put you on the fast track to the best job for you.

How do career tests apply to my life?

Some career tests offer information for multiple purposes. For example, choose the Highlands Ability career test to cover a broad array of purposes including: identifying a new career role, developing an existing career, discovering leadership style, your learning styles, decision-making styles, communication styles, and college applications. One test can cover a lot of ground!

Other career tests can only be used for a single purpose such as improving job satisfaction and identifying your career values. Career Anchors, a single purpose career test, does just this. Another test is the Strong Interest Inventory® career test, used almost exclusively for deciding on a new career.

We label our career tests using the icons on the right so you know what kind of results to expect.

Leadership test assessment

Career development and leadership training can be very subjective. I find working with subjective information unsettling and ultimately not effective.  TestEts provided the basis (and the facts) from which we were able to begin working on my career development. While the tests themselves were very creative, insightful and helpful, it was my TestEts coach’s ability to bring meaning to the results that sets them apart from all other career coaches I have worked with. They are able to see beyond the numbers and descriptors to bring deeper insight to the results. I have moved from contributor to manager to director and now to leader in a matter of a few years thanks to their testing and coaching.

Brian, Finance Director, FirstData Corporation

Entrepreneur test

Things are really rockin’ and rollin’ on this end—thanks in large part to your help!  We’re off to L.A. next week—things are happening so fast!!  It’s all wonderfully exciting.  If you saw me today, you probably wouldn’t even recognize me.  The stress is completely gone and I’m having a blast with my new life.  Stay tuned…
Jan R,
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