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Personality career tests using Myers-Briggs® along with Ability Interest Value career tests such as Strong Interest Inventory®, Highlands Ability Battery, Career Anchors and DISC

My initial experience was to do a personality test to see where I want to be in my career path and what degree would best help me succeed in the business world. The test reinforced the idea of finance and that a degree in that field would be my best course of action. These tests help me to better understand myself and realize why I do some of the things that I do. It also showed that i was able to go back to school. It encouraged me, and kept me going class after class.

Robert Flanders, Investment Specialist

Career Ability Test Testimonial - Unlike other assessments, the career ability test applies an objective measurement of an assortment of work tasks

This tool is for employees who want to sharpen and improve their leadership skills. This class helps people deal with issues that can get in the way of personal effectiveness.

Joanne York, USWC PR Manager