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PURPOSE: THIS  introductory MBTI® FUNDAMENTALS workshops are designed to be incorporated into the beginning of your overall training program.  This Myers Briggs Basics or Fundamentals module provides the foundational understanding of the Myers Briggs model for participants to determine the accuracy of their results. This process is essential to obtain VERIFIED results of each participants before producing subsequent report and continuing on with the specific module(s)  you selected for your training purposes.  Either MYERS BRIGGS FUNDAMENTAL module is suitable for both MBTI Step 1 and MBTI Step II testing and subsequent training modules.

SCHEDULING: We recommend that Myers Briggs® FUNDAMENTALS workshops be scheduled to occur for at least one week prior to the specific workshop module(s) if possible.  This allows time for individual consultations (also recommended) and for the generation of new reports for those requiring them. If this scheduling option is available to your company, please opt for a half day event for thorough verification process.

HALF DAY: For the purposes above, please select the Myers Briggs® VERIFICATION workshop. This workshop module includes the following topics: (1) Explanation of Myers Briggs®  Scale Distinctions, (2) Explanation of Myers Briggs® Type Distinctions (E-I), (S-N), (T-F), (J-P), (3) Exercises to Fully Understand Myers Briggs® Scales and Types, (4) Lens verification plus a Quick Review of Myers Briggs® Reports AND (5) Choices of Step 2 Scales Explanations or Situational Application Exercise, plus thorough review of individual reports.

QUARTER DAY: If it is not possible to separate the dates AND you wish only to have a half day total training event, you will need to select the shorter Myers Briggs® BASICS workshop.  This workshop module includes the following topics: (1) Explanation of Myers Briggs®  Scale Distinctions, (2) Explanation of Myers Briggs® Type Distinctions (E-I), (S-N), (T-F), (J-P), and (3) a more limited choice of Exercises to Understand Myers Briggs® Scale and Type plus a Quick Review of Myers Briggs® Reports.

LOCATION:  Two options are available to companies.  Remote or On-Site.  On-site is available for a TestEts Licensed Trainer to provide training at your company or other designated training location. Remote training is conducted via Teleconferencing option at a less expensive rate.

COSTING: Choose between half or quarter day event options as well as remote or onsite locations.

CONTACT: to speak with Training Development Consultant regarding your specific training needs.


  • MYERS BRIGGS® BASICS - Quarter Day workshop (see above)
  • MYERS BRIGGS® VERIFICATION - (Half Day workshop (see above)

Myers Briggs® Basics Workshop
Includes MBTI® Basics Verification Workbook Requires Myers Briggs® Test purchased separately.  Suitable for any MBTI® test. An...


Min:  6
Max: 20
Myers Briggs® Verification Workshop
Includes MBTI® Introduction to Type booklet Can be substituted for MBTI Introduction to Type in Organizations booklet Requires Myers Briggs®...


Min:  6
Max: 20

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