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Interpersonal Test


Interpersonal Test is one that assesses 'relating styles' in work relations, partnerships, and marriage relationships.  More specifically, an interpersonal test might be a communication test, conflict test, or relational orientation test.  Most often, interpersonal tests are used for leadership development.

  • VARIOUS INTERPERSONAL TEST includes influence test, conflict test, marriage or partnership test including the TKI Test. Consider the business and behavioral category tests if you are dealing with a work relationship issue.

  • BEST LEADERSHIP TEST  features 2 of the very best combination of interpersonal tests with personality and ability tests to get a comprehensive perspective on leadership traits, style and abilities for leadership success.

  • BEHAVIORAL LEADERSHIP TEST holds FIRO-B Test  (Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation-Behaviors)  in chart only, interpretative and both in report choices.

  • BUSINESS LEADERSHIP TEST lists 2 FIRO Test for Business reports in chart only and interpretive report choices.

  • ABILITY LEADERSHIP TEST contains FIRO-B Interpersonal Test with Highlands Ability Test to discover relational leadership style and leadership abilities.

  • PERSONALITY LEADERSHIP TEST hosts FIRO Tests with Myers Briggs Tests to discover relational leadership style and personality traits.


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