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Strong Interest Inventory (Strong Interest Tests)


The Strong Interest Inventory is a career preparatory tool that provides users with fitting careers options based off of their interests. This interest test is for everyone interested in exploring what jobs would align with their specific interests set. Take this interest personality test at whatever stage of life you are currently in:

  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS-Take the SII STRONG HIGH SCHOOL CAREER CHARTS get 10 occupational or career matches; receive 6 charts ranking 132 occupations; and get scores on 5 personal work styles with this (chart only) interest personality test. The SII HIGH SCHOOL CAREER EXPANDED also provides users with detailed explanations of the occupations. 

  •  COLLEGE STUDENTS- Take the SII COLLEGE CAREER PROFILE CHARTS and be provided with 10 occupational or career matches; learn about what degrees might be for you; gain specific career direction; and more. The SII COLLEGE EXPANDED CAREER gives detailed explanations to better understand. The SII INTERSTS & SKILLS incorporates your perceived skills into the formula and provides a chart that fits both your interests and skills. Finally, the SII INTERESTS & SKILLS EXPANDED provides users with detailed explanations of careers that fit both your interests and skills.

  • ADULTS- Whether you are unemployed or searching for a job that better fits you, this interst personality test can help. Take the SII ADULT GENERAL CAREER (charts only) test to receive career matches, gain career direction, and more. The SII ADULT GENERAL CAREER EXPANDED also gives detailed explanations for a better understanding. The SII INTERESTS & SKILLS incorporates perceived skills into one's results and provide users with charts of results. Finally the SII INTERESTS & SKILLS EXPANDED gives detailed explanations for results based off of one's interests and skills.

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