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DISC - Personal Insights Profile - Performance Development and Leadership Growth

Personality Test

Personal Insights Profile

This is a great assessment for developing your individual performance at work and for developing and growing in your leadership abilities. You can find out how to be your best at work, the best role for you on a team, and how to improve your work performance. It’s the easiest test to complete, and is the least expensive DISC test available anywhere! It is a paper test that we mail to you with free shipping – but this is a limited offer!

Mailed, self-score, 22pgs,
1 test + profile booklet
  • Success Insights Wheel
  • Ideal work environment
  • Adapted and natural behavior
  • General characteristics/descriptors
  • Key strengths and tendencies
  • Improving effectiveness
  • Tendencies under stress
  • Communicating with others
  • Keys to effective communications
  • Value to teams and organizations
  • Information denseĀ Report Booklet
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