OPTIM Development Systems, Inc. parent company of TestEts The Career Assessment Hub


  • Included with every Coaching Program
  • Provides you with JUST-IN-TIME coaching -opportunity to get brief coaching when you need it between appointments
  • Use for handling specific situation, rework responses, clarify problem or challenge, send resume or other materials for review or editing, identify best of alternatives, commenting on written document prior to completion, reviewing performance appraisals, share successes, analysis of candidate’s handwriting, and many others
  • Includes calls, emails, faxes
  • 24 hour response time to set up
  • On Business Week Days only
  • Allows time for Coach to “work behind scene” for you
  • Includes notes and pertinent hand-outs after every coaching session
  • Format: fax, phone, email

with coaching

10 min/DAY
OPTIM Development Systems, Inc. parent company of TestEts The Career Assessment Hub


  • CleanSweep – “clean house” in key areas of your life to gain energy and vitality
  • Personal Foundation  – comprehensive effectiveness program includes 3 other tests
  • TruValues – key values that motivate and define who you REALLY are
  • Biz Start-Up – 10 key steps to success for new or small businesses
  • Irresistible Attraction – 100 ways to be irresistible to right people and opportunities
  • Professional Manager – 100 key skills, behaviors and styles of highly effective managers
  • Leader Effectiveness – 100 character and behavior skills that try leaders naturally possess
  • Biz Whiz Success – 100 key factors of consistent business success and profitability
  • Class Act 100 – key traits, skills and qualities it takes to be a “class act”
  • Professional Practice – keys to build and maintain a rewarding, highly profitable practice
  • Reserve Index – advance steps to strengthen your excellence in six areas of your life
  • Staff Excellence – 100 key skills and qualities of highly effective professional staff
  • SUPERSEARCH – System to get a new job quickly – and one that works!
  • The Adrenaline Lifestyle –  quick adrenaline addict self-test
  • Attachment Index – source of problems self-test
  • Stress Index – level of stress self-test
  • Spending/Debt Questionnaire – financial management self-test
  • Human Conditions List – bottom line source of problems self-test
  • Promise Log – Goals you make for yourself, target date and check for completing it
  • Business Mission Statement – Questions to identify your niche and mission
  • Personal Mission Statement – Identify the ESSENCE of you and what its designed to do
  • Personal Vision Statement – Translate your Mission into A Vision for Living a Satifying Life
  • Peel the Onion – The Real Way to Change your Life and your behavior
  • The Big Goal – Graph to mark monthly accomplishment
  • Monthly Goals Chart – Graph to mark monthly progress on multiple goals
  • Special Project – Create special project goal and action plan
  • Debt Pay-Off Schedule – Chart to track the pay-off of multiple debts
  • Personal Budget – Annual budgeting worksheet
  • Plus MANY, Many MORE

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More than
OPTIM Development Systems, Inc. parent company of TestEts The Career Assessment Hub


  • Executive Coaching, Fortune Magazine
  • Use your Coach to Make you Measurably More Profitable
  • Design a Breakthrough Project to Work on, One that Inspires You
  • Start Getting Some of Your Personal Needs Met By Your Coach
  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Coaching
  • 60 Things Clients Most Want
  • Be Relentlessly Complete in All Areas of Your Life
  • What the Media Says About Coaching
  • Be a Person Who’s Boundaries are Uncrossable
  • Let Go of the Shouldas, Oughtas, Couldas, and the Deadly . . . If, Onlys.
  • Have a Message that Moves People
  • Reorient Your Life Around Your Values . . . Not Others’ Expectations
  • Lets Be Complete . . . Plug the Energy Drainers of Your Life
  • Be Responsible for all that Happens – Good and Bad – in Your Life
  • Want a Lot for Yourself . . . and Others
  • Share the Stuff that Keeps You Small in Order to Get Bigger

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